10-Week LIVE Hybrid & Oxford Bootcamp: 9th May to 19th July 2022

Ten-week programme providing you with a blueprint for the ideas and strategies to build a successful startup venture. Limited Seats Available!

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"Infinitum Education was set up in Oxford as a member of the incubator business development programme for Oxford University academics run by the University of Oxford’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Oxford University Innovation and continues to be supported by it."

Oxford University Innovation Office, City of Oxford, UK.

What makes this programme truly unique?

From ideation to investment in just ten weeks - are you ready to build & run your own start-up?

  • Guaranteed Investment

    Guaranteed Investment for best Startup Pitches. Prizes for Runners-Up.

  • In Person Pitch Preparation in Oxford

    Final 10 days: intensive in-person pitch preparation, rehearsals and funding competition in Oxford.

  • LIVE Online Delivery

    50+ hours of Live Online contact time to support your Big Idea!

  • Mentorship & Support

    Live Access to Entrepreneurs, Investors and Accelerators.

  • Premium Learning Content

    50+ hours of premium pre- and post learning material at your finger tips.

  • World-leading Experts

    100+ years of Combined Experience on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

  • Become a Venture Founder

    Opportunity to secure Investment, Ignite the drive and skills to startup.

  • Pitch to Investors

    Pitching your Big Idea to investors and VCs.

  • LIVE Startup Mentoring

    Deep dive sessions and business plan mentoring for your startup.

Course curriculum

    1. Business Model Canvas

    2. Presenting with Impact

    3. Principles of Persuasion

    4. Recruiting and Building Your Team

    5. Startup Branding

    6. AI for Entrepreneurs

    7. How Getting Funded Works

    8. Making Numbers Work

    9. Your Pitch Presentation: Winning against competitors

    1. DISCOVERY: Understand "Becoming an entrepreneur" and "The innovative and creative process"

    2. VALIDATION: Understand "The Value of MVP" and "Developing a startup on a budget"

    3. MARKETING: Be able to "Apply Go-To-Market steps" and "Develop sales strategies"

    4. FINANCE: Understand "P&Ls, financial modeling" and "how to get your startup investment"

    5. GROWTH: Be able to "Build a winning team" and "Acquire the right talent & leadership strategy"

    1. Mentoring Provided in Business Plan & Pitch

    2. Negotiation Sessions

    3. Series of Guest Lectures by leading Investors & VCs

    4. Business plan & investment pitch preparation

    5. Business idea & Investment Summit

    6. Pre- and Post-Activities

    7. Pre-Reading Materials

    8. Pitch Practice Sessions

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

  • Guaranteed investment for the best startup pitch
  • Mentorship, support and prizes for runner up pitches
  • Technical support for building viable financial models, go-to market strategy formulation, access to top accelerators and much more for the most promising startup pitches!

Daily Schedule: 9th May to 19th July 2022

*A detailed schedule will be released soon.

  • 8 Weeks LIVE Online

    The first eight weeks include daily live lectures (6:00-8:00pm UK Time). Beyond that you will be required to invest time in developing your business plans & pitches. Additionally, self-paced pre- and post-material and activities are provided to further facilitate your growth.

  • 8 Days LIVE In-Person in Oxford

    The last 8 days are full-day programmes conducted live and onsite in of Oxford. These 10 days involve an intensive schedule full of investment pitches, mentoring, enhancing your business model and launching your startup and many live sessions and activities.

What our students say about us

“Infinitum Education enabled me to learn from entrepreneurship experts from around the world. I feel lucky and blessed to have learnt from Dr. Timothy Galpin. His knowledge, teaching style and hands-on lessons were exemplary. The Bootcamp was a melting point to learn the nuts and bolts of vetting and building a successful business idea. The feedback mechanism at every step was fantastic and I would highly recommend this course to everyone thinking of testing waters in entrepreneurship.”

Haifa - UK

“I am grateful to Infinitum Education as the Bootcamp was a deep dive into the world of entrepreneurship for me as I was able to explore the ideation techniques for gauging potential business ideas from multiple angles. The experience was seamless especially with Dr. Paul Temporal who taught about brand building and key branding aspects that come together to form a successful business venture. ”

Mishaal - USA

“I am extremely thankful to Infinitum Education for offering such a versatile learning platform. It’s been a completely productive ride where we got to learn and explore various techniques to implement successful entrepreneurship strategies, learn inspirational business ideas and leadership tactics. Besides the teaching style was totally impressive with uninterrupted and well thought lectures delivered by world class experts. Other than full fledge knowledgeable curriculum, the module also polished our critical thinking and analytical skills to a significant extent. ”

Aisha - KUWAIT

Why enrol on the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp?

  • Infinitum Education’s mission is to create the entrepreneurs and the leaders of tomorrow. We do this by leveraging some of the leading experts at the University of Oxford and partnering with renowned global entrepreneurs.

  • Innovation is our forte. Our academics are involved in cutting-edge research that influences the global sphere of business. We are fortunate to bring these world-class experts to the classroom and provide an entrepreneurial environment for the great ventures of tomorrow!

  • Our programme is truly unique: We offer access to our ecosystem of VCs, incubation hubs, and successful entrepreneurs for all participants - and - guaranteed investment to the winning pitches.

A World-leading Team

Infinitum Education’s Team hail from the world's best universities and institutions.

Harvard University Logo
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

What some of the world's leading experts say about our Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

“Infinitum Education is a global leader in online and hybrid learning programmes for entrepreneurs. Their approach is to offer a supportive, multi-disciplinary framework that includes all topics entrepreneurs need to incubate, survive, progress, and prosper in fiercely competitive markets. Previous participants rated their programmes as outstanding and the 2022 Bootcamp offering builds further on these successes.”

Dr Paul Temporal - Associate Fellow, Brand Creation Expert, University of Oxford

“I have worked with Infinitum Education as both an instructor and advisor. Their programmes are excellent and the participant feedback is outstanding. The content of each course is relevant to the needs of today’s business leaders, providing them with opportunities for immediate ROI, while preparing them for the challenges and uncertainties of the future. Moreover, the leadership and staff at Infinitum bring superior insight and professionalism to all aspects of their course offerings. ”

Dr. Timothy Galpin - Senior Lecturer of Strategy and Innovation and Director of the Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation, SBS University of Oxford

“Infinitum Education has built something special, bringing entrepreneurial learning to all who need it. An opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn the lessons they need to test and build their ideas, and understand how to compete in the commercial world.”

Charlie Curtis - Associate Fellow and Entrepreneurship Expert, University of Oxford

Our Faculty Members and Advisors

Timothy Galpin, PhD

Senior Lecturer of Strategy and Innovation, Director of the Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation, University of Oxford

Dr Paul Temporal

Associate Fellow, Brand Creation Expert, University of Oxford

Suzanne Williams QPM

Lecturer, Harvard University and the University of Oxford, Former Negotiation Expert, FBI

Professor Pinar Ozcan

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Director of the Oxford Future of Finance and Technology (Fintech) Initiative, University of Oxford

Michael Gates

Lecturer of Cross-Cultural Communications, University of Oxford

Abdulla Hasan

CEO AI Dhow Capital, Strategist & Investor

Tim Cullen, MBE

Founder of the Oxford University Negotiation Programme. Former Head of External Affairs, World Bank

Shukri Toefy

Entrepreneurship Expert at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Phil Fawcett

Technology Innovation Expert, Former Principal Research Programme Manager at Microsoft Research

Oxford University Innovation Advisory Board

Chris Fellingham

Licensing & Ventures Manager, Oxford University Innovation

Cath Spencer

Principal Licensing & Ventures Manager, Oxford University Innovation

Programme Leaders

Eduardo Chazan

Entrepreneur & MBA, University of Oxford Said Business School

David Kralik

Entrepreneurship Author & Expert